Content - Alumni Committee




PRESIDENT: The President will preside over all the meetings of the Executive Committee and General Body. He will regulate the debates, the order of business and give rulings on points raised. The President is responsible for the overall growth and well being of the Association and shall act as the guiding spirit. He shall exercise general control over all the activities of the Association. He is also empowered to call meetings of the EC and the GB.

VICE PRESIDENT: Shall have all powers of President and also preside over the meetings in the absence of the President.


  • He / She shall be responsible for all the day to day activities of the Seven Hills College of Pharmacy  Alumni Association.
  • He / She shall act as liaison between the association and the Alma Mater, arrange for collection of life membership fees, arrears, etc.
  • He / She shall arrange for proper maintenance of records of all correspondence, liaison between association, alumni, Alma Mater and take such other responsibilities that may be assigned by the EC from time to time.
  • He / She shall issue notices for all meetings and make necessary arrangements, for holding meetings.
  • He / She shall carry out all the decision of the GB and EC in accordance with the rules.
  • He / She shall keep the minutes of the proceedings of all the meetings of the GB and EC.
  • He / She shall sue or be sued in his/her name on behalf of the Society.


  • He / She shall interact with the President / Vice President and General Secretary and help to arrange programs of the association outside headquarters.
  • He / She shall assist the EC in all its activities including sponsoring of programs, arranging lectures and meetings, and shall work jointly with the Resident Secretary in keeping liaison with the management, the alumni and Alma Mater.
  • He / She shall keep the minutes of the proceedings of all the meetings of the GB and EC, in the absence of General Secretary.


  • He / She shall be responsible for preparing a proper budget for the activities of the Seven Hills College of Pharmacy Alumni Association.
  • He / She shall keep proper book of accounts of the receipts and expenditure of the Association and the assets and liabilities with proper receipt books and vouchers (as per Section 11 of the Societies Registration Act).
  • He / She shall prepare and submit to the EC monthly, half-yearly and annual accounts and have the annual accounts audited for presentation and approval by the GB.
  • He / She shall keep records and maintain the custody of the assets and liabilities of the Association and present statements to the EC and the GB in this regard.
  • He / She shall be responsible for collection and accounting of the membership fees from the Alumni.
  • He / She shall arrange for obtaining grants and donations for the activities of the Alumni Association.
  • He / She shall assist the Secretaries in arranging meetings, and make available required funds duly approved by EC / President.
  • He / She shall remit to the bank all amount collected at the earliest and in any case not later than 24 hours.

Executive Members: The Office Bearers of the Association are responsible members and are required to attend all the meetings and such other activities of the Association which the Executive Committee entrusts and assigns to them.

QUORUM: No business shall be transacted at any General Body Meeting or Executive Committee unless there is a quorum. The quorum for the Annual General Body Meeting shall be half of the total members (1/2).  If there be no quorum at any Annual General Body Meeting within half-an-hour of the time fixed for the meeting, the meeting shall be adjourned by another half-an-hour and reconvened to transact the same business even without a quorum.

For the Executive Committee meeting the quorum will be 2/3.

FUNDS:  The funds of the Association shall be spent only for the attainment of its objectives and no portion there shall be paid or transferred directly to any of the members through any means.

AMENDMENTS: No amendment or alteration shall be made in the purpose of the Association unless it is voted by 2/3rd of its members present at a special meeting convened fot the purpose and confirmed by 2/3 of the members present at a special meeting.

CESSATION OF THE ASSOCIATION: In the event the Association ceases to function or otherwise fails to carry out its stated objectives, all the assets, including movable and immovable, of the Association shall be transferred to Seven Hills College of Pharmacy, Venkatramapuram, Tirupati 517561.