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Seven Hills College of Pharmacy was established Pharm D course in 2012.  This six-year Pharm. D curriculum is designed to meet the standards and guidelines for professional programs in pharmacy. Pharm D is the first professional degree, and a prerequisite for licensing to practice as pharmacist in many countries. The Pharm.D curriculum is designed to produce a scientifically and technically competent pharmacist  and to Provide maximum health care Services to patients.  Unity to gain greater experience in patient close cooperative Relationships with health practitioners.

  1. To cultivate intellectual innovation and leadership and advance the practice and science of pharmacy, to transform health care and enhance the lives of people and communities.
  2. Our Pharm D graduates are differentiated from others because of their clinical skills and ability to provide inter professional, evidenced-based care that ensures optimal health of the patient and of the public.
  3. Our alumni and students are actively engaged with the College and satisfied with that relationship.
  4. Our recruits are the highest quality students annually to fill our programs and ensure we're meeting the growing health care needs.
  5. Our graduates are involved in innovative practices and research that advance science, improve patient care and expand the scope of practice.
  6. So that he/she can apply this knowledge, for understanding the basis of health and diseases.
  1. The mission of the Seven Hills College of Pharmacy Program is to advance pharmacy education, practice, research, and public service, to improve health outcomes.
  2. Developing our graduates and pharmacy practitioners to practice at the top of their degree and lead the profession.
  3. Strengthening our research programs and promoting the dissemination and application of scholarship.
  4. Strengthening and establishing key partnerships, collaborations and strategic alliances.
  5. Attracting and retaining outstanding faculty, staff, and students.
  6. Creating a culture that promotes faculty and staff success, and fosters ongoing career development.
  7. Increasing the effectiveness of the Program by advancing internal and external awareness of the Program's strengths and unique attributes.
  1. Conduct sufficiently thorough and accurate patient assessments
  2. Explain and properly dispense commonly used medications, formulations and drug products
  3. Identify and assess drug related problems relative to specific patient cases
  4. Appropriately utilize pharmaceutical and pharmacokinetics mathematics to perform accurate medication calculations.
  5. Demonstrate appropriate ethical and professional behavior and comply with all federal, state, and local laws related to pharmacy practice
  6. Demonstrate effective interpersonal, oral and written communications skills with other health care professionals and patients.
  7. Effectively communicate health and medication information to patients and/or care givers and provide effective counseling services as warranted
  8. Accurately assess the literature and other research resources to provide evidence-based drug information that meets the needs of patients and other health care providers.  
Pharm.D Internship Programmes:

Seven Hills College of Pharmacy has MoU with Sri Padmavathi Medical College for Women (SPMC (W)), Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences, Tirupati for conducting Pharm.D course.  Pharm.D Internship students on daily / routine basis will have ward round participation in various departments like General Medicine, General Surgery to gain knowledge about various cases and also to know/ find out Adverse drug reactions, Drug interactions, Medication adherence etc with the help of SHCP pharmacy practice faculty as preceptors. All the activities of our students will be monitored by Hospital Pharm.D Co-ordinator, Dr Uma Maheswara rao, Professor, Dept of Pharmacology, SPWMC, SVIMS, Tirupati.

  • Activities:
  • Every day the pharm D internship students will have the ward rounds according to the ward postings given by SPMC(W)-SVIMS.
  • In the ward rounds our pharm D internship students will go through the case, check the medication adherence, check drug- drug interactions, drug-food interactions in the given prescription, observe for the adverse drug interactions if any and finally provide the patient counselling to the patients and their attendees regarding the disease condition, drugs and about life style modifications.
  • Reporting of Adverse drug reactions, drug- drug interactions and all other drug related problems to the pharmacovigilance (PvPi) department which is present in SPMC(W).   
  • Apart from in-patient patient counselling which is given during the ward rounds, our internship students also provide out-patient patient counselling every day at the SHCP patient counseling desk.
  • Every Tuesday Internship students will do in-patient prescription audit with the help of preceptor for our college and the clinical pharmacist of the hospital.
  • Similarly, Two months once, our internship students will do out-patient prescription audits for almost 21 departments which are present in the hospital.
  • 15 days once there will be a review meeting for the pharm D internship students where the Pharm D coordinator in the hospital, Dr Uma Maheswara rao will review the actives of the pharm D internship students.
  • Monthly once Pharm.D Intern students will participate in Cancer awareness programme along with SPMC(W) Medical students in the free Pink Bus.  
  • Apart from all these activities our internship students will participate in various medical camps and health awareness programs which are conducted by the medical students and also by our college.
Journal Club Presentation and Drug Club Presentations:
  • SHCP Academic cell introduces the journal club presentation and Drug Club Presentations for the students with the following objectives:
  • To introduce the scientific writings and types of scientific works
  • To aware about various journals, Indexing and publication types
  • To enhance the ability of preparations of manuscripts
  • To aware the students about literature reviews
  • To update the recent trends, advancements and drug developments in the areas of Pharmaceutical Sciences as well as medical sciences
  • To enhance the student ability to present the scientific works so that developing their communication skills and confidence
  • The journal club presentations and Drug Club Presentations will be held on every Saturday in the week at SHCP seminar hall, as MS Power point presentations, under the supervision of Preceptors and HoDs.
  • Presentors:  Faculty / Pharm.D II year to VI year students/ 4th B.Pharmacy students/ M Pharm  students.
  • Duration: 2hrs