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The Pharmaceutics department of Seven Hills College of Pharmacy was established in the year 2011 to strengthen research and training in the area of Drug Delivery. The department initiated the research activities in the field of pharmaceutical technology which includes drug delivery systems (Tablets, capsules, liquid orals, microcapsules, nanoparticles, transdermal systems etc.), plant-based biopolymers as excipients for developing different delivery system, herbal pharmaceuticals and their standardization, dissolution method development for synthetic API and herbals. 


To provide quality education and training to enable students to face emerging challenges of the pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical technology, competitiveness and entrepreneurship and to facilitate research in the field of pharmaceutics.

  • Employ innovative, practical oriented teaching methods and to have conducive atmosphere in the department of Pharmaceutics
  • Design cutting edge research in the field of Drug Delivery and Dosage form.
  • Foster an entrepreneurial spirit & create job opportunities globally
  • To expand high quality academics and support systems to ensure the success of our students of Pharmaceutics Department.
  • To promote active, collaborative, and experiential learning that prepares students for a rapidly changing Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • To support faculty development and training so that the department will continue its success in teaching, scholarship, outreach, and professional service.

Department of pharmaceutics is equipped with sophisticated facilities and provide the best services for the excellence of students.

  • Research Facilities: State of the art Laboratories and sophisticated instruments are available to carry out research in the filled of Pharmaceutics.
  • Well established Class room with LCD Projector.
  • Staff: Experienced teaching and supporting staff are available in the department. They guide the students and support them in all their academic activities.
  • Department Library: For the benefit of students and staff, the pharmaceutics department has a departmental library with Delnet – online journal facility.
  • Placement: Placement services are also offered by the department. More then 70% of the students are placed by the campus placement.
  1. Tablet Punching Machine
  2. Dissolution Test Apparatus
  3. Stability Chamber
  4. Brookfield Viscometer
  5. Rotary Vacuum evaporator
  6. Moisture Analyser
  7. Electrolab 2 Station Disintegration Tester
  8. Electrolab Porable Hardness Tester With Printer Port
  9. High Speed Centrifuge
  1. Formulation and evaluation of Ondansetron  hydrochloride in 5% dextrose injection in infusion bag.
  2. Design and development of Ampicillin tri hydrate nano emulsion.
  3. Formulation & evaluation of Piperaquine tetraphosphate & Dihydroartemisinin immediate release (320/40mg) tablets.
  4. Formulation and evaluation of Metoprolol tartarate floating microspheres.
  5. Formulation and evaluation of fast dissolving tablets of Ranitidine hcl by using Starch citrate as a superdisintegrant.
  6. Formulation and evaluation of mucoadhesive buccal gel of curcumin.
  7. IPN Microparticles for controlled drug delivery system of Aceclofenac Sodium