Content - M.Pharmacy - Pharmacology

  • The Pharmacology Department is committed to education, research and training UG and PG students to acquire an in depth knowledge of the fundamental principles of the subject of Pharmacology.

  • Knowledge for understanding the basics of drug action in disease for better therapeutic outcome.

  • To enable the students in acquiring the drug knowledge with respect to the disease i.e.,  molecular targets for drug action and finding targeted drugs with an impact of different treatment modalities on therapeutic outcomes.
  • To train the students in therapeutic decision  making with respect to the clinical problems in individual problems.
  • To acquire basic practical skills for Pharmacological investigations of new drugs in drug discovery development.
  • To promote research activities for students and staff.
  • To educate the undergraduate and postgraduate students as per the university guidelines.
  • To encourage the staff to update the recent drug discovery concepts and engage in research activities.
  • To encourage the students to acquire drug knowledge and orient them in the application of acquired knowledge in research activities technically.
  • To conduct seminars, guest lectures and to impart the interdisciplinary nature of Pharmacology.
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative analysis for the compounds such as DNA, RNA & Proteins using Molecular Biology Techniques.
  • Perform the quantitative analysis for the various biochemical parameters using Semi Automated Biochemistry Analyzer.
  • Perform Histopathological studies for the tissues and preparation of slides for the examination.
  •  Perform tissue homogenization & separation of fluids for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the drugs.
  • Perform centrifugation for the compounds that are thermolabile through refrigerated Centrifuge at -4oC.
Research & Laboratory Facilities:
  • Name of the Facility:
  1. Research Laboratory
  2. CPCSEA Approved Animal House
  • Name of the Equipment:
  1. Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbet Assay (ELISA) Reader
  2. Semi Automated Biochemistry Analyzer
  3. Rotary Microtome
  4. Gel Electrophoresis (Vertical)
  5. Gel Electrophoresis (Western Blotting) 
  6. Tissue Homogenizer
  7. Refrigerated Centrifuge (-4oC)
  8. Deep Freezer (-20oC)
  9. Student Organ Bath
  10. Eddy's Hot plate
  11. Digital Actophotometer
  12. Digital Rota rod apparatus
  13. Electroconvulsometer
  14. Histamine Chamber
  15. T-Maze
  16. Y-Maze
  17. Radial Arm Maze
  18. Elevated Plus Maze
Areas of Research & Scope:
  1. Research & Development
  2. Drug Discovery & Development
  3. Clinical Phase Trails
  4. Bioavailability & Bioequivalence Studies (BABE)
  5. Pharmacovigilance
  6. Clinical Pharmacist
  7. Medical Coding