Content - Scholarship




The Institution provides financial aid to needy students from the resources of the management, besides the scholarships from the Government.

Criteria for scholarships:

  • Above 75% attendance
  • Exemplary behavior
  • Good performance at Internal Assessment/University exams
  • Economic status of the parent/guardian

The committee may recommend for any of the following concessions based on the above criteria.

  • Hostel fee, full or partial
  • Monitory concession for Dress, full or partial
  • Partial / complete reimbursement of fee.
  • Books
  • Other living expenses


  1. The Committee should quantify the concessions into money in their recommendations to the principal
  2. The Institution provides financial aid to at least 5% of the general students (excluding the scholarship to SC/ST students)
  3. Student receiving any other Government scholarship is not eligible.