Content - Alumni Association,SHCP




The aims and objectives of the society are:

To promote an active Alumni Association of the Seven Hills College of Pharmacy_ at _Tirupati 517561 or its associate Institution(s) (here in after referred to as “The College”) and to create an active alumni society.

To promote fraternization amongst alumni of the Institute.

To promote socio-cultural interaction between the alumni and their familymembers.

To build an active network of alumni across India.

To help the Institute collaborate with the national and international institutions for better student placements and faculty up gradation.

To create an awareness about the achievements, contribution and the rich heritage of the College within the media as well as the otherinstitutions.

To institute and organize scholarship funds to help the needy and deserving students of the Institute.

To institute prizes and awards for outstanding project work, research papers and other professional activities by the faculty, alumni and the students of the College, and to suitably recognize outstanding social and community services rendered by them.

To create CHAIRS in the College for promoting Teaching, Research and Development.

To establish closer interaction amongst members of the Society and the Industries. To work with like-minded organizations to foster better community building.



To mobilize resources for supporting the objectives of the Society. To undertake all such other activities as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objectives and are beneficial to the interests of the _Seven Hills College of Pharmacy and / or its Alumni.

The income and properties of the Society shall be applied solely for the promotion and fulfillment of the aims and objects of the Society, provided if any contributor intends that his/her contribution, donation or subscription shall be applied to the attainment of any particular object or objects of the Society, such contribution, donation, subscription shall be spent towards the promotion of that particular object or objects only.

To acquire by purchase, take on lease, hire or by gift or otherwise and hold any movable properties or immovable properties or any right or privileges that may be deemed necessary or useful for the advancement of the objects of the society/association.

To do all such other lawful acts, deeds and things as are incidental; and conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

To take over, absorb or amalgamate with any other society or association or institution whose objects are similar to the objects of the Society.

To apply the income and properties of the Society for fulfillment of its objects and not to pay any portion therefore by way of profit or dividend or bonus to members.

Alumni will be encouraged to establish chapters of its Society in various cities of the world, which has a reasonable number of its alumni as members. These chapters as well chapters already in existence will be recognized as official chapters of the Society upon ratification of the Governing Body. There will be only one chapter in a city. Each chapter will be a not- for-profit independent legal entity.

The management and control of the Society shall be in the hands of a committee (hereinafter referred to as “Governing Body”). The Governing Body shall consist of registered members and Indian nationals only. The Governing Body shall carry out the day- to-day affairs of the Society in accordance with the rules and regulations framed or modified from time to time by the Society. The members of the Governing Body names, addresses and description are subscribed hereunder.

The Treasurer of the Society is authorized to correspond on behalf of the Society with the Registrar of Societies, Tirupati, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh.